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Changing Water into Coffee?

Creating community in a coffee culture

audio, 4 min.

JFA Training in a Nutshell

What is JFA training, and is it right for you?  Here's a short description of how our program will get you talking about abortion without sounding like a weirdo.

YouTube video, 4 min.

A Mother’s Moral Compass

Message to Copperas Cove church of Christ, May 2013

audio, 46 min.

A Christmas Carol for America

Message to Fairview Baptist Church, January 2013

YouTube video, 45 min.

The Truth About Belly Buttons

Message to Trinity Baptist Church, September 2012

audio, 43 min.

Don’t Be Weird

Message to Copperas Cove church of Christ, July 2011

audio, 30 min.

Mark Davis Interview

News/Talk WBAP Radio in Dallas-Fort Worth, November 2010

audio, 7 min.



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