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á       Video: Why I Work Full-Time as a Missionary with Justice For All


á       Video: A Conversation in Silence (I dialogue with a deaf gentleman in Greeley, CO.  Warning: Graphic pictures in the background of this video footage.)


á       Audio: Life Report with Josh Brahm (Podcast, Summer 2010)


2011 Newsletters


Feb. 2011: A Youthful Faith

Can an eleven-year-old create dialogue on abortion and offer comfort to those who are hurting?  I tell a true story of one of our volunteers at a recent campus outreach.  Also included: ŇDonŐt DebateÉDialogue.Ó  A dialogue in which I shared the facts about when abortion is legal and opened a mind.

Apr. 2011: JFA Training - The Big Picture

If you were a mouse in the corner during a Justice For All eventÉ


2010 Newsletters


Jan. 2010: Training Future Leaders

JFA trained elementary and high school students in Nebraska, all during the same week.  I tell the story and share pictures!

July 2010: Abortion Is a ManŐs Issue

I focus in this newsletter on one of the forgotten people affected by abortion.

Feb. 2010: JFA Training Saves Lives!

My colleague Maureen shares a note from a recent volunteer that illustrates the life-saving effects of JFAŐs approach to Seat Work, Feet Work, and Repeat Work.

Aug. 2010: Toddlers Win Them Over

Suffering and povertyÉare these good reasons for abortion?  A toddler can help with this.  My dialogue with a student named Raymond illustrates.

March 2010: The Question of Rape

Should abortion be legal in the case of rape?  I share a dialogue example and analysis of this difficult issue.

Sept. 2010: Just a Cluster of Cells?

My dialogue with Melissa started with common ground and moved to what seemed like disagreements about biology.  We soon agreed about that as well!

May 2010: Every Deception Contains a Nugget of Truth

Can I find common ground with someone even if he is promoting an idea I donŐt believe, like overpopulation?  I illustrate exactly how this is possible with a dialogue example.

Oct. 2010:  A Philosophy of Re-humanization

Is the unborn a biological human being but not a person?  I give you a window into one of my campus conversations to answer this question.

June 2010: We Plant Seeds, God Causes the Growth

A young JFA volunteer gets yelled at and explains the nuts and bolts of planting seeds.  Also included: My two-part dialogue with a student at Cal State Fresno.  Look for the change of heart and mind in the second part!

November 2010: Bringing JFA Home with You

Read a review of my recent workshop originally printed in The Tidings on Sep. 3, 2010.

2009 Newsletters


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